Top 10: Films on Demand, May 2013


Films on Demand is an online streaming video subscription available to all Clayton State students. Last month users were busy watching the following top 10 titles:

10. Global Resources: Management and Competition (34 mins)
What is the relationship between a country’s natural assets and its economic power? Does wealth in raw materials alone lead to monetary wealth? What are the dangers of relying on finite supplies? This program explores economic questions surrounding the management of—and international competition for—natural resources.

9. When God Was a Girl: Divine Women (50 mins)
Traveling across the Mediterranean and Near East to some of the world’s oldest sacred places, in this program Bettany Hughes finds evidence that women were part of the very birth of organized religion.

8. The Danger on Our Plates (45 mins)
Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are hospitalized due to food poisoning. In this edition of Investigative Reports, victims of food poisoning outbreaks—including the infamous 1992 Jack in the Box E. coli incident—speak out, while public health officials, meat industry spokesmen, and consumer advocates discuss what should be done to ensure that food is safe.

7. Managing Diversity in Business (60 mins)
This program covers the important and timely issues involved in managing multicultural and sexual diversity in the workplace. Topics covered include “Why Value Diversity?,” “Understanding Our Biases and Assumptions,” “Sexual Harassment,” “Recruiting and Interviewing a Diverse Workforce,” “Making New Employees Feel Valued,” and “Managing Diversity: Meeting the Challenge.”

6. Conversation: The Delany Sisters (11 mins)
In this classic interview with NewsHour correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Having Our Say authors Sarah and Bessie Delany discuss the trials and triumphs of their first 100 years.

5. Photographic Storytelling (27 mins)
This program examines how photographers work with images to communicate stories and ideas and how viewers interpret those images. Message manipulation deriving from point of view, context, editing, superimposing, cropping, recoloring, and captioning are discussed. In addition, selective perception—seeing pictures through the filters of values and prejudices—is studied.

4. War of the Words: Divine Women (48 mins)
Was the period known as the Dark Ages in fact a golden age for women in religion? In this program, Bettany Hughes profiles some powerful medieval women and shows how religion, and the written word, was vital to their authority.

3. Human Resources Function (31 mins)
Shell of Australia is a part of one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Australia-based Intrepid Travel is a midsize adventure vacation company. In this program, human resources professionals from these two companies discuss the processes of recruitment, performance appraisal, and termination; explore the dynamic relationship between employees and employers; and describe the methods used by organizations to manage people and maintain a motivated and productive workforce.

2. Inferential Statistics (36 mins)
Who said statistics were boring? Using magic and circus motifs, this program demonstrates the significance of probability theory and the importance of using the correct test to analyze research data.

and the number 1 Films on Demand video for May is:

1. Explaining Globalization (56 mins)
Everyone talks about globalization, but what does it really mean? And what are its implications for the average American? In this compilation of NewsHour segments, experts from the U.S. and abroad speak their minds on a shrinking world and an expanding global economy.

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