June Featured Resource: U.S. Bureau of Investigation Case File Archives

U.S. Bureau of Investigation Case File Archives covers case files from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which until 1935 was called the Bureau of Investigation. The archives contain over 2.2 million pages of original historical documents. The collection includes tales of espionage and sabotage during World War I, interstate commerce and foreign affairs during the Progressive Era, records pertaining to Mexican neutrality, reports dealing with alleged violations of Federal laws, opium smuggling, mail tampering, prohibition, gangsters, and more.

Examples Files
The Investigation of William Randolph Hearst
Investigation of the Vaudville Troop Singer’s Midgets
J.Edgar Hoover puts the heat on Charlie Chaplin
Babe Ruth investigated for draft dodging
“Helen Keller” a socialist investigated by the FBI
1918: Man suspected of spreading Spanish Flu
FBI Files with photos and detailed information



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