July Featured Content: Independence Day


The Revolution: explores the history of the American Revolution, from the beginning incidents that fueled dissent, to the inauguration of the first president of the fledgling, independent nation. 8-part series, 45 minutes each

For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots: an all-star cast reads from a collection of letters, diaries, speeches, and military records that document and acknowledge the sacrifices and accomplishments of African-Americans across four centuries of warfare. 6-part series, 45–131 minutes each

America: The Story of Us: From the earliest interactions between Europeans and Native Americans to the efforts of pioneers and homesteaders to cultivate the frontier… from the harnessing of the Mississippi River for trade and travel to the dramatic moments of the Apollo 11 moon landing… this 12-part series reveals the conflicts and connections that have shaped U.S. history. At every turn, the series shows how Americans created new tools, mechanisms, and structures in order to blaze trails, build towns, and construct cities—eventually forging a distinct and diverse national culture. 12-part series, 60 minutes each

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