Computer & Network Usage Policy

The primary purpose of Clayton State University Library computers and equipment is to meet the research and information needs of the students, faculty and staff of the University. To protect this valuable resource, users are now required to log in using an authorized Clayton State University SWAN username and password. Campus visitors can request guest access from any available library staff member.

Authentication is necessary to provide services, enhance network security and protect personal information. Users are responsible for activity associated with their user accounts, so keep your account safe by creating a strong password that you never share with others.


The computer will automatically log off if left idle, so keep an eye on the screen for the Screen Loch inactivity warning. To avoid the alert you can move the mouse or press any key every few minutes. After the computer logs off, whether intentionally or due to inactivity, the computer deletes all activity including any files saved to the desktop, temp files or hard drive. Save your files to or a flash drive to avoid losing your work.


Computers are not to be left unattended so make sure you remember to log off your account when stepping away for a break or when you are finished using the computer. If you need to report a problem with the computer or need assistance, use the blue ? help icon on the desktop to contact a library staff member. logoff(small)

Campus visitors are required to show a government-issued photo ID to obtain a guest username and password for one login. A log off will end the single session and expire the temporary guest username and password. Visitors may request another login. To ensure computer availability for Clayton State students, faculty or staff, visitors may be asked to relinquish use of computing resources during peak times.

By using Clayton State University Library computing resources, the user agrees to comply with all policies of the University and the Library, and with all applicable laws governing privacy and usage.

Clayton State University Campus Computer & Network Acceptable Usage Policy
Clayton State University Computer, Network, & Information Security Policy and Plan
Clayton State University Library Computer & Network Usage Policy

Do you have questions about using the library’s computers? Submit your question to LibAnswers and we will respond as soon as possible.


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