Self-checkout comes to Clayton State

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check themselves out. We hope you aren’t too mad at our little April Fool’s prank. Time to start planning for next year 🙂

Self checkout


A quick scan of the literature shows that self-checkout stations are all the rage in the library world.  And why wouldn’t they be? There are self-service stations at many of our everyday establishments, gas stations, grocery stores, post offices. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide a state-of-the-art library and exceptional service to our patrons, the Clayton State Library has decided to offer a self-checkout station on a trial basis.

Currently, books may be checked out on either level of the library. However, the majority of checkouts take place at the Lower Level. The Upper Level, on the other hand, is focused primarily on providing quality reference service. For this reason, the self-checkout station will be located on the Upper Level. Supporting users in simple self-service activities here will allow the reference librarians to focus their attention on assisting researchers.

Even though the self-checkout station isn’t expected to cost the library much, we still want to test its viability before committing to it on a permanent basis. For this reason, we are conducting a pilot, or trial, this Friday. This day was selected deliberately because the reference librarians will be attending a conference off-site. There will only be one librarian on duty all day, and, well, according to Dean of Libraries Gordon Baker, “we normally limit her front desk hours for reasons I won’t go into on record. Suffice it to say, that the day that she’ll be in charge of the Upper Level is the perfect time to trial a self-checkout station.”

Blazek, D. (3 Jan 2014). Loose Parts. Available from

This self-checkout pilot program is targeted to our most loyal library patrons, those of you who keep up with us on social media or follow our blog. The future availability of this service will depend on its popularity during the trial, so if you think you might be interested in it, be sure to come by the library Upper Level this Friday to check yourself out.


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