Films on Demand: Recent Additions

Films on Demand is our online streaming media resource. We are highlighting some of the titles that were added to our subscription last month.

thumbnail of media player with first scene thumbnail of media player with first scenethumbnail of media player with first scene

  •  Public Speaking—Informative and Persuasive Speeches (35:17) – Learn different strategies for writing and delivering two types of speeches: persuasive and informative
  •  American Umpire (56:06) – This thought-provoking documentary about U.S. foreign policy chronicles how the United States became the world’s policeman and questions how long the U.S. must continue to play this role.
  •  Counter Histories: Rock Hill (28:08) – In a world grappling with issues of equality in all forms, the story of the Friendship 9 rings in our ears as powerfully as ever.
  • Marketing Strategy Case Studies: The Starbucks Experience (26:55) – This program looks at the role of acquisition, brand-stretching, social media, and new channel development in Starbucks’ success and considers criticisms of some of the company’s policies.
  • Project Greenglow and the Quest for Gravity Control (51:04) – This program explores science’s obsession with the idea of gravity control.
  • Should You Really Play Video Games? (51:42) – The film explores how developers engineer their games and the impact of gaming on behavior, physiology, and neurobiology.
  • Climate Change: The EPA Has Gone Overboard: A Debate (01:40:20) – Intelligence Squared US debate.
  • B.B King – Life of Riley (01:36:45) – Starting with his childhood on the plantations in Mississippi, it follows the struggles B.B. King has faced throughout his life, including prejudice and segregation.
  • Curing Alzheimer’s (50:13) – This film looks at the promising work on all fronts, from the scientists working on catching the disease at its earliest stages to the researchers working to understand the causes.
  • Great War Stories (51:16) – This moving film shows how the unfolding conflict of the First World War affected ordinary people caught up on the front line and on the home front.

Need additional multimedia resources? Use our LibGuides,, as a starting point.


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