September Featured Resource: Issues & Controversies

Issues & Controversies helps researchers understand today’s crucial issues by exploring hot topics in business, politics, government, education and popular culture. Resources include: pro/con statements, timelines, primary sources & statistical tables and editorial cartoons & newspaper editorials.


The Intelligence Squared U.S. Debate Series featuring some of the most prominent political figures, journalists, academics, and experts is included in Issues & Controversies. A searchable, interactive transcript is available for each debate and allows viewers to navigate to specific points in the debate using the predefined segments. Player controls (play/pause, volume, closed-captioning, and full-screen) are located beneath the player window.


CQ Researcher Plus Archive: New Interface

CQ Researcher Plus Archive is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary (1923-2013) by offering a new design and a new Hot Topics feature. This new section is a perfect place to find supportive information for your persuasive essay or position paper. Each weekly publication focuses on a single topic pulled from today’s headlines.

Researchers looking for quality research information on domestic or global topics will want to use this resource. CQ Researcher reports offer comprehensive analysis of topics with footnotes, bibliographies, pro/con statement, a timeline of events, maps, charts, graphs, photographs and more.


Recent Reports
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Climate Change
Future of the Catholic Church
Patenting Human Genes
Assisted Suicide
Mental Health Policy
Media Bias
Free Speech at Risk
Law Schools
Combat Journalism
Homeless Students
Science and Religion
Gay Marriage
Gun Control

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October Featured Resource: Issues & Controversies

Issues & Controversies provides information on current issues & hot topics related to business, politics, government, education and popular culture. Resources include: pro/con statements, student support tools for research & writing, primary sources & statistical tables and editorial cartoons & newspaper editorials.

Check Out the New Databases in GALILEO!

Clayton State Library added the CQ Researcher Plus Archives Online and the CQ Press Political Reference Suite Online to the GALILEO resources. CQ Researcher Plus Archives contains 12,000-word reports on topics including health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy, each written by an experienced journalist. In a single search, users can find current information as well as historical reports dating back to 1923 –  all written in an  easy-reading, consistent arrangement. CQ Press Political Reference Suite is a combination of CQ Press reference titles on government and politics. Search the database in a single search or browse through individual online editions such as The Contemporary Middle East or Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009 –  all located directly on the homepage.

While our library has older editions of these titles in print, some of the advantages of the online publications include:

  • Advanced search options so that users can search by keyword across all CQ Press online editions or limit their search to certain topic areas or titles
  • Multiple, customized browse options to help locate and explore all available content
  • Handy personalization options that save user profiles and search results for use in future research
  • Links to available external resources
  • CiteNow!™—An exclusive CQ Press feature that helps users easily download full citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Bluebook style

Look for the databases “CQ Researcher Plus Archives” or “CQ Press Political Reference Suite” on the GALILEO  A-Z Database List under letter “C”. If you are off of the campus network, you will be prompted to login. We hope you enjoy using the new resources. Please contact the library if you have questions (call 678-466-4346 or email).