August Featured LibGuide: Information Sources

Information can come from any number of sources. We’re here to help you decide which one is right for your information need. Use the books, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, scholarly journals, statistics and multimedia tabs to learn about the characteristics, purpose and disadvantages of these different types of information sources and when to choose one over another.



Research Starters

What is a Research Starter? It appears at the top of your Search+ results list providing an overview of your topic, links to related information, helpful images, and a bibliography. They offer all familiar and convenient features: they can be cited, printed, downloaded, e-mailed, saved in your personal folder or read to you.


Content in this feature comes from a variety of reliable sources but not all topics have Research Starter articles associated with them. To explore this new feature further, try any of these suggested searches: mythology, cancer, John Steinbeck, pollution, global warming, mitosis, Nelson Mandela, common core, cuisine, Ukraine, brain disorders, girl scouts, Olympics, Korean War, witchcraft, tourism, evolution of the universe, bipolar disorders, net neutrality, exercise physiology, nuclear fusion, or baseball.

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