March Featured LibGuide: Women’s Studies

Each year since 1995 the President has issued a Presidential Proclamation designating the month of March as Women’s History Month. The Women’s Studies libguide provides information to help you begin research on topics related to the life and work of women in the United States and around the world. It highlights books, web resources, news, films, and how to find articles.


The National Women’s History Project announced the theme for 2016: Working to Form a More Perfect Union: Honoring Women in Public Service and Government


February Featured LibGuide: African American Studies

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to the scholarly study of the history, literature, culture, religion, and politics of African-Americans. The field is not limited in its scope to the continental United States, but includes the entire African Diaspora which encompasses African people descended from Africans dispersed, displaced, and scattered by enslavement, genocide, war, migration, and conflict. The African American Studies guide includes books, articles, electronic resources, and multimedia plus a focus on slavery & slave trade resources.



February Featured LibGuide: American History to 1877

The American History to 1877 guide introduces students to U.S. history resources covering the Colonial Period through Reconstruction. Researchers will find suggestions for historical documents and other primary sources. In addition, recommendations for books, journals, and multimedia resources are offered. Each time period provides suggestions for historical figures; forts, battles & landmarks; topics; Presidential terms; and web resources.

November Featured LibGuide: Health and Fitness Management

The Health & Fitness Management guide is a starting point to help you begin your research in the subject area of Health Fitness. Find appropriate resources for topics related to physical fitness, exercise, preventative medicine, kinesiology, human movement, nutrition, injury, sport psychology and physical education. In addition, the guide will introduce you to business resources for management and marketing topics.


October Featured LibGuide: Forensic Science

The Forensic Science guide is useful for Chemistry, Biology or Criminal Justice majors and topics covering the various forensic techniques or scientific principles used in criminal investigations. Find suggested sources to get you started in your research plus explore the archived records of the agency that became the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


September Featured LibGuide: Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice guide introduces users to a variety of information sources related to capital punishment, child welfare, civil rights, corrections, juvenile delinquency, prisons, recidivism, rehabilitation and other related topics. You will find both national & state statistics and a variety of multimedia titles.